Other survivor resources/links

This page includes resources for survivors of sexual assault and links relevant to our project. If you have other links/information you think belongs here, we invite you to send them to us. 

Survivor resources: 

  • RAINN's (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) list of resources, including their 24/7 online confidential RAINN chat hotline.
  • UW anonymous victim advocates, their emails are confidential and any information you disclose to them will be kept confidential by them in accordance to their policies: Emails: vadams@uw.edu, hwadvoc@uw.edu (only for currently enrolled UW students)
  • Safecampus 24/7 victim hotline: 206-685-7233 They don't have any legal obligation to keep all information confidential, but they usually only share it with victim advocates. 
  • For off-campus help: 888-998-6423 is the King County 24/7 victim hotline. 
  • None of the above resources require reporting or any further actions; their priority is the physical and emotional wellbeing of those who have been affected by sexual trauma or violence.
  • Counseling options include Schmitz Hall where drop-in counseling is free to students and Hall Health where counseling can be provided on insurance and referrals to mental health counseling are free.
  • The Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress has a SANE nurse as does the UW Medical Center. These are nurses specially trained to help survivors with an exam following an assault and in helping them collect evidence. They are not connected to the police and a report is not required. Their services are free. 
  • If you are a student or employee of UW and you want to make an official report, you can go here

Related links/other lists: 
More lists of accused rapists have been retweeted on our twitter account @makethemscared. 
  • This is a list of sexual misconduct cases in academia, created by Professor Julie Libarkin. The list includes the names of the accused and is sorted by school. Here's more information about her site. We're unaffiliated with her, but her project was brought to our attention and her list has more than 700 names on it, so we wanted to feature it here. 
  • compilation of survivor accounts regarding rapists and rape culture in the Seattle area and music scene compiled by Rosey King. 
  • A list compiled by Vox of public figures accused of sexual assault
  • An article about whisper networks addressing the surrounding controversy (Due to its public nature, Make them Scared is not a whisper network, but a communal, online rape list) Whisper networks are also generally exclusive to women at a certain level of professional standing in certain occupations, while our list is made to include the claims of all survivors of all walks of life. 
  • An article about the legality of rape lists in general, bearing more similarities to our project. (In this case the rape list wasn't online, but photos of it were circulated online)

Media coverage: 
  • An article by a journalist who investigated one of the names on our list. 
  • Blog post by a Cornell law professor about the ethical and legal controversy around the site.